Riberry does E-commerce

Riberry does E-commerce


Riberry does E-commerce was first published on Linkedin.

It is pronounced Rib -ber – ee and we are in no way related to any French footballers.

https://www.bookishfreaks.com is Riberry Ltd’s first on-line store and we are extremely proud of it. Literary gifts for book lovers and writers are our fuel. We also sell Japanese, British and Dutch stationery and Washi or craftapes, and of course, our own Literary art. We have never registered on a business forum to ask, ‘What should I sell’, as so many people do, surprisingly. We write, and we read books with passion, not, books about passion. We spend our lives in the literary world so it makes sense to make that world a large part of business too.

E-commerce rather than bricks and mortar.

That is another Riberry passion, the digital world. The digital world is so full of possibilities and we can attract far more numbers into our store on the digital highway than on the high street, in theory, of course.

Trends, for the most part, depend on a certain product and then various copies of that product going viral and catching the general public’s imagination. Sometimes retailers do it with big money advertising campaigns and sometimes they manage to do it with very small budget advertising campaigns. There is no guarantee of success, not even when your best friend the famous celebrity is wearing your product deliberately in every pap shot.

Riberry does not know any celebrities.

Riberry is trying not to spend too much money on adverts, because that money would be better spent on creating original products or indeed stocking someone else’s original product.


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