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Riberry LTD

– Live the Literary Life –

Welcome to our Company Website

Our name is pronounced Rye-berry and not rib-ber-ee.

Riberry is a small creative company based in the city of Manchester, England.

We design quirky greeting cards, stationery, gifts and apparel for everyone but, with a focus on writers and lovers of literature, and right now we are concentrating on our first on-line store in which we retail not only our own goods but complimentary designs. We are also working towards publishing our first book, but more information about that will be forthcoming much, much later.

We live and breathe the creative and literary life, whilst dodging massive asteroids.

We did indeed name the company after the Australian fruit.

Riberry Ltd  07293537

Reg in England and Wales

VAT Registration no: 222827910

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