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Bookish Freaks is now on Redbubble

Bookish Freaks is now on Redbubble
Yes, that’s right, Bookish Freaks is now on Redbubble.
We are busy uploading our commissioned designs onto a huge range of goods on one of the most popular online marketplaces for print-on-demand products. From t-shirts and hoodies, coasters to duvet covers, cushions, showers curtains, and a myriad of other items.

How does print on-demand work?

We come up with a concept. Break down our ideas. Communicate with our creative team. Our artists create a design.

We upload our designs on to various products as above. Then we tick, and we click, reposition images, choose additional colours, press one final button. Then within a few minutes the items are visible for you in the marketplace.
You shop as normal, place your order and pay. Someone makes your order, it might take 3-4 days on average for an item to be made. As soon as your order is ready to ship. Redbubble will let you know.
Yes, the majority of items are available to ship worldwide directly from the makers.
Obviously, there are several more steps that both we and the makers go through, before you get your product, but that is the gist of it.
Currently, we are still uploading artwork, thank you for your patience.
Again, remember it takes a few days for items to be made.
We hope you love our designs.


Please check out our designs here.

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